legally making Nepali music available worldwide

representing Telecom 9, 6dee, Z Group, BlueText UK and various other international companies


Blackmyna offers real time digital communication solutions by integrating & exploring all available technologies like SMS and Voice for marketing products and services.
SMS are an integral part of digital marketing. They are ubiquitous, has a high rate of response rates enabling mass-market reach and an excellent means of content discovery. Adding social media concept increases engagement of target consumers by leveraging its community/social groups.

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The brand Cellroti is synonymous with Nepali music. It is amongst the largest aggregator and distributor of Nepali music content in the world in digital form. With partnerships with over 200 content creators across record labels, studios and broadcasters, Cellroti has their licensed worldwide exclusive digital
The melting pot about news, views, reviews and previews of Nepali music is showcased in our website Cellroti is the pioneer of allowing free legal downloads of Nepali music.

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