Digitainment is a company established under the Company Act of Nepal (2065) with the aim of promoting digital contents of Nepali music. Digitainment is the largest content aggregator and global digital distribution company with major focus on music and VAS in Nepal. It provides technology and support for VAS services to various media and corporate houses.

The top management has more than 18 years of experience in working with the mobile, entertainment and media industry with respect to marketing and distribution in Nepal and abroad.

Digitainment was founded to meet the need of making ‘legal’ Nepali music available worldwide. The company provides a platform for Nepali music and develops both international and local markets by understanding the business of digital contents and rights. It has established partnerships with music companies in the country and abroad to work together for mutual benefits by making their musical contents available worldwide. It promotes quality music and ensures legal rights of artistes as well as music companies.

The company represents Telecom 9, 6dee, Z Group, BlueText UK and various other international companies to bring state of the art technology in both hardware and software including platforms to enable solutions for telecom initiatives and customer driven VAS products.